Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art On Demand

I have been a member of Fine Art America for a few years now. Many of my friends have told me they are selling pieces from the site. They do mention that it is nickels and dimes, not a lot of big sales, but plenty of little things, here and there.

This week I made the plunge and went for the paid membership. Through this I can sell specific sized prints and small cards of my work.

The Dog-a-day blog I did last year sort of became a collection of really nice little vignettes of individual dogs. I always thought about selling them to breed specialties and at dog shows etc. I am beginning with the easiest of the smaller ones. These have been made into do-it-yourself signed cards already for my shows and there was a bit of interest!

Feel free to buy.
Feel just as free to make suggestions. I believe it will be a much easier way to make those prints that people always say they want! They can buy them from me at the same price plus shipping or buy directly from the site. Either way they collect and disburse my commission. A pretty good deal on the surface... but we shall see!

Art Prints

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