Sunday, May 16, 2010

Self Representing Artist

I have decided that those roads not traveled seem to be the paths to success.

I am an admitted hyper active thinker. I can't seem to settle my brain down so I bubble like splattering geysers with ideas that I can set my mind to, but only for just so long. Last year I did over 300 dogs to prove I was prolific and skillful. I ended up prolific and much more skillful but donated about as many portraits as I sold, helped a lot of charities and almost ended up my own charity by the end. This year I am pretty much going to sputter and bubble and try not to maybe devote quite as much time to the individual plans, but try hard not to pass up any of my own ideas.

This month (week really so far) I have been formulating a concept to upgrade the corporate portrait.

I have a board of directors of.... wait for it..... a CHARITY (let it go for now...) and I am changing out a group of people that look more like a hurtin' dental office than a vital, exciting art organization.

The initial volunteers have been the 11 permanent positions that round out the board. I talked them into sharp, clean little watercolors which the members can purchase at a vastly reduced rate for their own enjoyment, but I am using it as a starting point for a package deal or individual concept to encourage people to use HAND MADE ART instead of photos for their business presence. In this economy, the painting does a number of things.

First, it shows the agent or corporation believes that the individual appreciates art. Art equals taste. Portrait equals success. Style will say a lot about the person.

Second, the need to stand out from the rest is somewhat a yawn. Fonts and black bleed edges are so normal, that futura on white is starting to look sort of avant garde. In other words, there is nothing new. My concept would be to hit industries that need a wee bit of snob appeal, but still want a human touch. Realtors, Lawyers, Contractors. As individuals this is a rather simple job for me that can be a very nice corporate bread and butter.

Third, the decor of the office. I think the days of the big painting in the gold frame are somewhat numbered. CORRECTION: The days of the big painting in the gold frame never were out here in the west. The East Coast sensibility is so distant that 9 out of ten times people think they already HAVE portraits when they get photographs printed large. I think a business that takes the time to honor the founders or achievers with something that doesn't slide into and out of frame with glass might show a lot of concern for the clients who see it. Lets face it: Art is one of the things that may be approximated with a computer but can't be replaced.

These are the first 7 of 11 members of the board.
They are the samples I will begin my concept with. I will add the last three when they are finished and show a few samples of what I would like to call a new contemporary portrait.


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