Monday, May 31, 2010

Picking up the Sticks.

I had a very interesting but some what demoralizing trip up to Prescott Arizona this week.

I had a participant in a one day workshop at the Arizona Art Supply store lobby for me to bring an expanded version to the cool "pines" of Northern-er AZ. Friday I made my way up for a demonstration that I put on my "thefrugalpastellist" blog. It recounts the fact that I have not been doing pastels. I started thinking about how energetic and spontaneous the one hour versions of most of my stuff looks.

I believe artists LOVE artists that show their work. The glossy finished or photo-realistic style makes the public gasp, but most of my friends love the unfinished potential of a piece.
I am not an abstract painter. I do have great respect for the result and process but honestly, I don't get it. There IS an occasional piece that from my artist's eye does elicit a very strong reaction but mostly it is fascinating like watching tree leaves blow in the wind or a ball of string unwind. No plot but infinitely watchable.

But there is that bit of peeling off the paint to see what is under it.

The finished version of my demo is fine... (I gave the same composition to my mother in watercolor to a teary appreciation) but the ... well there were two of these, so it may actually be only a 30 minute or less piece... it has that quality.

I thought the quality of line looked a bit too much like I had drawn it over my head and from the side. That is what I do in demos. But the moment when I scrape out the shape from the background always sort of thrills me.

Here is the nearly finished look:

... I think I may try a landscape.

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